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Alpha release soon

At this point, I can use the GUI to define bones, joints, and layers which are to be animated, and create/edit/delete keyframes. OSCimator also saves and loads projects in YAML format. I'll probably package the files into a 0.0.1 alpha release later this evening.

Posted by Benjamin Flaming 2011-09-14

Seven Hours Later...

...I can perform keyframe animation on Animata bones, joints, and layers, by creating and manipulating Ruby objects. I've implemented support for all of the parameters for which Animata currently allows OSC control, and confirmed that it would be trivial to add more OSC parameters to Animata in the future.

The next step is to create a GUI. After attempting to get the FLTK bindings for Ruby installed (which failed because FL/glut.h is missing from Ubuntu's FLTK developer package), I attempted to use wxRuby. This failed because Ubuntu's wxWidgets package is built without one of the libraries upon which the wxRuby gem depends. I could have rebuilt FLTK or wxWidgets from source, but I don't want other people to be required to jump through such hoops if they want to try OSCimator.... read more

Posted by Benjamin Flaming 2011-09-07

The Journey Begins

I was absolutely thrilled to discover Animata. My only disappointment is the lack of keyframe animation support. Since Animata does support control via OSC, however, a standalone keyframe animator application seemed like a better solution than modifying Animata itself (I am also not overly fond of C++). I'll be writing this project in Ruby, and most likely employing FLTK for the GUI (when that time comes).... read more

Posted by Benjamin Flaming 2011-09-07