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optronic / News: Recent posts

opTV 0.1.0

finally it's out.. what you've all been waiting for! :).... it will most likely crash and make your life miserable...

Posted by Igge Rask 2001-09-27


I have once again got lots of time on my hands (just recently started studying) so I will try to figure out how to best compress and transfer image data from server to client.... cheers! :)

Posted by Igge Rask 2001-09-11

opMixer 0.75

Automake and Autoconf scripts rewritten... =)

Posted by Igge Rask 2001-07-02

opTV 0.0.3

Very early betastuff... only available from CVS atm..

Posted by Igge Rask 2001-06-29

opMixer 0.70

bla bla autoconf bla bla *BSD bla

Posted by Igge Rask 2001-06-20


let's see if this baby really works as it should.
\ =/

Posted by Igge Rask 2001-06-20

new homepage

I finally had little enough to do, so here is the new page =)

Posted by Igge Rask 2001-06-19

opMixer ...

began working on the alsasupport..... it's still not working though . =)

Posted by Igge Rask 2001-03-26

account created

Finally our account here at sourceforge works. Uploaded opmixer and fiddled around a bit with misc. settings.

Posted by Igge Rask 2001-01-18