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#190 ophelp -X doesn't display event's unit mask type

Roland Grunberg


It would be nice if "ophelp -X" displayed the unit mask type (mandatory, exclusive, bitmask) as an attribute in the <unit_masks> tag.


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  • Minor change to patch. (bump up schema version to 1.1)

  • Updated patch looks fine. Thanks.

  • Roland, I'd like to close out this bug and get your patch committed. But as I said in my September 30 comment to this bug . . .
    "your patch is dependent on the patch that I posted to the
    list (mentioned below) to fix other unrelated schema issues with
    ophelp.xsd. I've not been able to get Richard Purdie's attention to review
    that patch. But as a user of ophelp's XML output, your review would be
    more than satisfactory. So please find that original posting of mine (Sept
    8, subject "[Patch] Fix ophelp schema validation problems and xml
    generation error") and give it a thumbs up. Please also indicate that you
    are a consumer of ophelp XML output and mention that this patch is a
    pre-req to a patch you submitted for this bug. Once that's done, I'll
    commit both that patch and yours."

    Can you send your review comments to that patch to the oprofile-list please? Thanks.

  • The patch for this bug was committed to oprofile CVS on Oct 15, 2010. I neglected to update this bugzilla with that information until now. Changed "Resolution" field to "Fixed".

    • status: open --> open-fixed
    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed
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