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#8 Report query

POS User

Hi, thanks so much for this fantastic software!

I'm new to php and mysql so sorry if this makes no sense but I'm trying to write a mysql query to spit out a bespoke OSPOS report (similar to the reports that can be produced in the OSPOS Reports section of OSPOS) that shows not only all sales made but also, next to each sale, displays the name of the sold item's supplier (referred to in the 'ospos_suppliers' database table as 'company-name') and the sold item's item number (referred to in the 'ospos_items' database table as 'item_number').

So far i have queried the 'ospos_sales_items' database table (which contained almost all the data i need) but it seems to also contain links through to other OSPOS database tables where the extra information for each sale (i.e. company_name and item_number) is stored. Due to my relative ignorance of php and mysql i don't yet know how to adjust my query to follow these links and return their data.

I was wondering if i could see the code that relates to the Reports part of OSPOS in case this could shed some light on how i should restructure my query or if you had any advice that I could benefit from - even if it was just telling me what search term to use in Google that would help me find the bit of mysql i need to understand in order to know how to restructure my mysql query to pull not only from one database table but also from other database tables that are linked to that initial database table. Sorry to ramble. Any advice much appreciated. Many thanks



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