#1 presence module not keeping state within dialog

Anca Vamanu
Luci Stanescu

Hello Anca,

As you are the maintainer for the presence modules I post these patches here:

1. At each subscribe within a dialog for the winfo event, the version attribute of the watcherinfo document is reset to 0. State should be kept within the same dialog, otherwise keeping track of watcher info state is more complicated in the client.

2. At each subsequent subscribe in a dialog for the winfo event, the server sends a full watcherinfo document. This is not needed and consumes bandwidth if the list of watchers is big. Instead, an empty partial update can be sent. This allows the subscriber to easily keep track of the watchers, as the version attribute indicates whether or not the subscriber has received all previous updates. If there is a problem, the subscriber can "fetch" the list of watchers.

Luci Stanescu
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  • Luci Stanescu
    Luci Stanescu

    Archive containing the two patches

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    Hi Luci,

    I have just commited a fix for the first issue that you mentioned.
    For the second, as you already have been told, the RFC states that a full document must be sent.
    Please test and if you find some other issues report.


  • Anca Vamanu
    Anca Vamanu

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