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New OpenSIPS Ebootcamp training session

New OpenSIPS eBootcamp scheduled to start on 19th of September 2011 -

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2011-07-28

OpenSIPS 1.7.0 major release

One more half an year, one more major release - OpenSIPS 1.7.0 beta release is out

*OpenSIPS 1.7.0* comes with several major improvements (DB area, dialog support, TCP and debugging), but also with new functionalities (like Event Notification Interface, UAC Registrant module, scripting support, etc).

A complete compilation with all the additions and improvements for *OpenSIPS 1.7.0 *release is available under: read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2011-07-12

ClueCon 2011 - talks and free training

OpenSIPS project will be attend to ClueCon on August 9-11, 2011 ( ), one of the most important VoIP events, for both talking about OpenSIPS and VoIP anf for giving a short Quick Start Training for OpenSIPS.

All details on both events can be found under:

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2011-07-11

What is new in OpenSIPS 1.7.0

Here is a compiled list with what is new in OpenSIPS 1.7.0 version:

It was a tremendous job to go through all SVN commits, to filter the relevant changes (for users) and I hope nothing was left over.

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2011-07-06

SVN freeze - 1.7 release

SVN freeze for testing and preparing the new upcoming release of OpenSIPS 1.7 -

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2011-06-30

New OpenSIPS Ebootcamp training session

Following the user demand on the OpenSIPS eBootcamp training, a new session was scheduled for
2nd of May 2011

The eBootcamp session targets OpenSIPS 1.6.4 with the following content:
SIP introduction
OpenSIPS introduction
SQL support (auth, aliases, domains)
OpenSIPS Control Panel web interface
PSTN connectivity (dialplan, ACLs, drouting, failover)
Advanced SIP Call Flows (parallel and serial forking, call forwarding, call transfer)
SIP presence
SIP Dialog Awareness
Load Balancing with OpenSIPS
OpenSIPS High Availability
SIP NAT traversal
OpenSIPS accounting and billing
SIP security (floods, auth, DNS poisoning, register attacks, TLS and SRTP)
OpenSIPS B2BUA ( topology hiding )... read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2011-04-12

OpenSIPS tests for performance degradation

We have performed some tests using OpenSIPS 1.6.4 to simulate some real life scenarios, to get an idea on the load that can be handled by OpenSIPS and to see what is the performance penalty you get when using some OpenSIPS features like dialog support, DB authentication, DB accounting, memory caching, etc.

A total of 11 tests were performed, using 11 different scenarios. The goal was to achieve the highest possible CPS in the given scenario, store load samples from the OpenSIPS proxy and then analyze the results. The base test used was that of a simple stateful SIP proxy. Than we kept adding features on top of this very basic configuration, features like loose routing, dialog support, authentication and accounting.... read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2011-03-16

Load monitoring and troubleshooting

OpenSIPS trunk was enhanced with some new functionality for load
monitoring and load debugging. The idea is to make easier for the user to figure out what is bottlenecking the system, whether it's the DNS, the database connection or the actual processing of the SIP message while going through the script:

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2011-03-09

OpenSIPS monthly comunity meeting

As part of the effort of making OpenSIPS project as open and as interactive (to the users) as possible, we plan to start a program of public online meetings with the community - the basic idea is to try to involve as much people as possible in the process of running and guiding the OpenSIPS project -via a open and public discussion :)

Identify issues that needs to be addressed - issues may be technical (like tech work, features, improvements, contributions, etc) or management (lists, SVN/GIT, etc). NOTE: the meetings will identify the issues, we DO NOT plan to resolve the issues during these meetings (who, how and when to solve will be decided in the meeting)... read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2011-02-21

OpenSIPS 2.0 (new design) code release

After like one year of heavy development, I'm proud to announce the first code release of OpenSIPS 2.0 .

This is a version still under heavy development, with limited capability and functionality.

For all details (what can do, how to use, where to get), visit:

This is not a production-suitable version, but I want to encourage people to download, compile, test and analyse it as much as possible. Any feedback or comments on the code, approached with used, etc, are more than welcome.... read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2011-02-17

OpenSIPS talk @ ITExpo Miami 2011

ITExpo presentation on OpenSIPS, on 2nd of Feb, 1:30-2:15pm, room A107 - "OpenSIPS 2.0, a programmable framework"

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2011-02-02

OpenSIPS Social Event / Meeting / Party

An "do what ever you like event" where developers, community people, users, fans, etc will get together, talk (even about project :) ), have fun, etc - Miami, 3rd of February - - Get Registered!

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2011-01-24

Ebootcamp, 28th of February, 2011

The Ebootcamp program is continued in 2011 with an updated content (to reflect the changes in latest OpenSIPS version and to meet the demands from the participants).
Major additions:
- advanced SIP call scenarios (forking)
- dialog support and profiling
- basic prepaid
- B2BUA - topology hiding
- SIP security (floods, auth, DNS poisoning, register attacks, TLS and SRTP)

The first 2011 ebootcamp will start on 28th of February.... read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2011-01-17

OpenSIPS 1.6.4 is released

OpenSIPS 1.6.4, a new major stable release is available for download - learn more about the new additions on

Changelog :

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2010-12-20

OpenSIPS Bootcamp, New Jersey, November 2010

Last 2010 OpenSIPs bootcamp will be held during 15 - 19 November 2010, in Edison, New Jersey, USA.

Registration is open and Early Bird discount available for registrations sooner than one week before the start.

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2010-10-11

OpenSIPS 1.6.3 is released

'''OpenSIPS''' 1.6.3 is a major release and it is the second release following the new release policy -

1.6.3 release brings both new features / enhancement and a lot of fixes. The 1.6.3 contains several critical fixes in core and module, better integration of various functionalities (presence, dialog, etc) and new enhancements (like b2bua) - the listing with all additions and fixes is available under read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2010-08-02

OpenSIPS: ebootcamp training launched

eBootcamp is the "remote learning" version of the OpenSIPS Bootcamp.

The eBootcamps provides the same knowledge, expertise and hand-on level
and the same topics as the Bootcamp. See:

Why to choose eBootcamp over the Bootcamp ?

1) you cannot afford to dedicate a whole week for travelling and
training, away from your job / familly

2) there is no Bootcamp location somewhere next to you, but you have
Internet access... read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2010-07-23

OpenSIPS at Amoocon 2010

OpenSIPS project has 3 papers with Amoocon 2010 - different topics
presented by different people (see more on ).

1. OpenSIPS 2.0 - a programmable framework for SIP (by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu)

2. Integrated SIP and XMPP Services with OpenSIPS (By Anca Vamanu)

3. ICE: the ultimate way of beating NAT in SIP (by Saúl Ibarra Corretgé) read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2010-04-26

OpenSIPS Certified Professional

OpenSIPS project start a certification program - OpenSIPS Certified Professional (OCP).

What is good for? - OCP is a worldwide official proof of your skills and knowledge on OpenSIPS usage (administrator).

How to get it ? - you need to pass an online exam covering SIP and OpenSIPS area.

Who issues it ? - the certificate is issued and guaranteed by OpenSIPS project via the OpenSIPS foundation.

All the details on the OpenSIPS certification can be found on

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2010-04-13

OpenSIPS Bootcamp - San Francisco

Next OpenSIPS Bootcamp takes place between 19 - 23 April 2010, in San Francisco, USA -

Just a few seats are still available.

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2010-03-31

Webinar: "Variables in OpenSIPS Scripting"

Next webinar is scheduled for 30th of March 2010.

The topic is "Variables in OpenSIPS scripting" - explaining the types of variables in OpenSIPS routing script, how to use them and which are the particularities of each type of variable.

Free registration at

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2010-03-22

OpenSIPS 1.6.2 is released

OpenSIPS 1.6.2 is the first release following the new release policy
after the 2.0 work started (see\).

1.6.2 release brings both new features / enhancement and a lot of fixes.
The listing with all additions and fixes is available under:

OpenSIPS 1.6.2 is now ready for download on project web site and SF
download system.... read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2010-03-11

OpenSIPS CP 4.0 is released

new major release of OpenSIPS Control Panel is available. This new release bring radical changes, as CP is not anymore only a system provisioning tool, but a complete OpenSIPS provisioning interface.

OpenSIPS CP 4.0 brings users and admin management tools - you can add, edit. remove OpenSIPS users and admins for CP.

Also OpenSIPS CP 4.0 comes with more system tools like "dialog" tool (for monitoring and terminating ongoing dialogs) and "permissions tool (for IP based authentication).... read more

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2010-03-08

OpenSIPS 2.0 Conference

VoIP Users Conference will host on 5th of March 2010 a discussion about the new design for OpenSIPS 2.0.

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2010-02-22

Webinar: "Explaining the default script"

Next webinar is scheduled for 25th of February 2010.

The topic is "Explaining the default script" - A detailed going though
and explanation of the OpenSIPS default script - configuration params,
the flow of messages in the script, what each part is good for, etc

Free registration at

Posted by Bogdan-Andrei Iancu 2010-02-22