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Before I start - can I use Drobo?

  • Allan Melsen
    Allan Melsen

    Hi there,

    I just stumpled across OpenQRM and I think it looks very very interesting.

    Before I start installing, I just have a few questions.

    Currently in my house, I have 2 servers I wanted to use for the cloud and planned to install both of them with Ubuntu 9.04.

    I also have a DroboV2 (NAS for those who don't know it), and was thinking if it was possible to use the Drobo as a 'storage server'… so that when I create virtual machines and so on, they all are created and stored on the NAS instead of locally?

    Also - is there an easy way to secure the configuration of openqrm as well and perhaps store that on the NAS also - so IF one of my servers chrashed, it would be very easy to throw up a new server and still have the same configuration?

    NOTE.: This NAS box doesn't support iSCSI, but I can connect/mount it as a CIFS or NFS share if needed.

    Hoping for a quick answer - thanks! =)

    - Allan Melsen

  • Matt

    Hi Allan,

    You can use your NAS as a (un-managed) NFS-storage server in openQRM. Should be no problem ;)
    CIFS is not recommended for rapid deployment with openQRM (and not supported either).

    hope it helps + have a nice day,



  • Anonymous

    Depending on which Drobo model Allan is speaking of, it may be configured as an iSCSI SAN. The Drobo Pro and Elite work this way, and I believe the 4-bay model can also work as a SAN. The Elite also has the ability to be a NAS and it has one additional Ethernet port and the pair, I believe, can be bonded.

    We have a Drobo Pro in our NOC which is set up as a SAN. We have two volumes. One is a 2TB VMFS volume for virtual machine storage and is attached to our four VMware ESXi 4 hosts. The other is a 16TB NTFS volume handled by, coincidentally, a Windows Server 2003 R2 VM on one of those hosts which makes it a CIFS share in our domain.

    The only problem is it won't show up in the OpenQRM install I have. I have the iSCSI plugin installed and everything.


  • Anonymous

    Apologies. The way the forums are formatted here, you don't see the rest of the thread until you've actually replied. I'm not familiar with the V2, but if its anything like the older Drobo devices, it would need the Drobo Share box to perform like a NAS. The Drobo nerds have been telling me how, until the Elite, that their devices are meant to be single point of storage devices. YMMV.

  • Matt

    Hi Tyler,

    since Drobo is not yet integrated within openQRM to be automatically managed you openQRM will not "talk" to your Drobo box right now. Still you can use the Drobo as backend storage and use e.g. LVM-storage which comes with openQRM.

    hope it helps, greetz + best,