#204 microWAVer (and CD Sequential) WAV files won't work


They do work on a real MSX. One example is attached.


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    CD Sequential files aren't working either. The loader works
    and is satisfied with the test signal. However, when loading
    an actual game, you always get "Checksum Error". This is
    most likely caused by the same bug as for MicroWAVer.

    • summary: microWAVer WAV files won't work --> microWAVer (and CD Sequential) WAV files won't work
  • When testing CD Sequential now, the test signal is not approved (almost, but not enough). And there's not much one can do to 'adjust the signal', as the program advises....

    Also, the attached MicroWAVer sample hangs up almost immediately after loading.

  • Hmm, now the test signal is approved again... no idea why though. Same happens as the original comment of 2005-09-28. MicroWAVer still doesn't work, still gives some error (after loading the loader, you have to disable motorcontrol and then it says: Loading:{some gibberish} <Err>