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SqlBuilder 2.1.1 released

SqlBuilder 2.1.1 Release

  • Add a framework for enabling SqlBuilder queries to support custom SQL syntax. Add a few common database-specific customizations
  • Add NamedParamObject which supports the "named" param syntax used by some SQL or SQL-like frameworks
  • Add CheckConstraint for handling table/column CHECK constraints
Posted by James Ahlborn 2015-07-02

SqlBuilder 2.1.0 released

SqlBuilder 2.1.0 Release

  • OpenHMS relicenses to Apache License, 2.0!
Posted by James Ahlborn 2015-04-17

RMIIO 2.1.0 released

RMIIO 2.1.0 Release

  • OpenHMS relicenses to Apache License, 2.0!
Posted by James Ahlborn 2015-04-17

OpenHMS Common Util 1.1.0 released

OpenHMS Common Util 1.1.0 Release

  • OpenHMS relicenses to Apache License, 2.0!
Posted by James Ahlborn 2015-04-17

RMIIO 2.0.5 released

RMIIO 2.0.5 Release

  • Add preemptive null checks to avoid remote NPEs
Posted by James Ahlborn 2015-01-20

SqlBuilder 2.0.13 released

SqlBuilder 2.0.13 Release

  • Add QueryPreparer.ListPlaceHolder to simplify working with lists of PlaceHolders (common in IN expressions).
Posted by James Ahlborn 2014-12-28

RMIIO 2.0.4 released

RMIIO 2.0.4 Release

  • Added the RMISocket utility for simulating a socket-like connection over RMI (using RemoteOutputStreams under the hood).
  • Attempt to use context classloader when necessary for loading a RemoteStreamExporter.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2013-09-24

SqlBuilder 2.0.12 released

SqlBuilder 2.0.12 Release

  • Add support for arbitrary column type qualifiers (e.g. scale and precision)
Posted by James Ahlborn 2012-10-04

SqlBuilder 2.0.11 released

SqlBuilder 2.0.11 Release

  • Added the AddColumnAction to the AlterTableQuery, thanks to Eric Fennell
  • Add support for column default values
Posted by James Ahlborn 2012-01-11

RMIIO 2.0.3 released

RMIIO 2.0.3 Release

  • Fix closing of RemoteInputStreamClient
Posted by James Ahlborn 2012-01-11

SqlBuilder 2.0.10 released

SqlBuilder 2.0.10 Release

  • Add more flexible table aliasing: handle Table with no alias and allow DbTable alias to be passed in constructor
  • Add SelectQuery.addCustomJoin(Object) for fully customizable join clauses
  • Allow ComboCondition, UnaryCondition, BinaryCondition, ComboExpression to have custom operators
  • Add option to disable wrapping parentheses in Conditions and Expressions which utilize them
Posted by James Ahlborn 2011-10-20

SqlBuilder 2.0.9 released

SqlBuilder 2.0.9 Release

  • Make DbSpec the factory for all other DbObject classes.
  • Add methods/constructors to enable more flexible usage of DbObject classes with custom subclasses (thanks to Douglas Russell for some code contributions)
Posted by James Ahlborn 2011-08-26

SqlBuilder 2.0.8 released

SqlBuilder 2.0.8 Release

  • Add support for updatable ResultSets to QueryReader.
  • Fix date tests so that they are TimeZone agnostic. Fixes 3237822
Posted by James Ahlborn 2011-04-25

SqlBuilder 2.0.7 released

SqlBuilder 2.0.7 Release

  • Make Constraints first class citizens of the dbspec model. Add ConstraintClause and enhance various constructs to use improved constraint implementations. Deprecated simplified constraint support in CreateTableQuery and AlterTableQuery.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2011-03-07

Sqlbuilder 2.0.6 released

SqlBuilder 2.0.6

  • Add hasParens() method to NestableClause so that InCondition can accurately determine if the values need to be wrapped in parens or not. Fixes 2817484.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2009-10-25

SqlBuilder 2.0.5 released

SqlBuilder 2.0.5

  • Add support for additional query "set operators" (EXCEPT, INTERSECT), and add support for mixed usage of said operators. Fixes 2794171 .
  • Add UnaryCondition EXISTS and UNIQUE operators.
  • Fix isEmpty implementation for Subquery.
  • Don't put double parens around IN condition with subexpression.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2009-05-26

SqlBuilder 2.0.4 released

SqlBuilder 2.0.4

  • Fixed handling of boolean values (handle them as numbers because Sql92 has no notion of a real boolean type)
Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-10-06

Common-util 1.0.4 released

Common-util 1.0.4 (1.0.3)

  • Added ClassUtil: some static methods for working with classes and reflection.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-06-11

SqlBuilder 2.0.3 released

SqlBuilder 2.0.3

  • add Added support for view creation (CreateViewQuery) and deletion (DropQuery.Type.VIEW)
Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-06-05

SqlBuilder 2.0.2 released

SqlBuilder 2.0.2

  • Change how state is maintained during query validation. Use the ValidationContext instead of a few collections in order to enable more complicated subquery handling. This change allows subqueries to be validated correctly and opens the door for sub-clause validation.
  • Extend the unit test coverage.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-04-28

SqlBuilder 2.0.1 released

SqlBuilder 2.0.1

  • Fold numeric conversions into normal value conversions.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-04-07

SqlBuilder 2.0.0 released

OpenHMS is proud to announce the initial Open Source release of SqlBuilder. In short, SqlBuilder is a library which attempts to take the pain out of generating SQL queries within Java programs. Please see the site for more details:

Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-03-31

RMIIO 2.0.2 released

RMIIO 2.0.2

  • Allow reserialization of RemoteStreamServer.
Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-03-20

RMIIO 2.0.1 released

RMIIO 2.0.1

-Allow the default port for the DefaultRemoteStreamExporter to be configured via a system property.
-Make closing of local resources by a RemoteIteratorServer less prone to surprises.
-Change proxy utilities to use method code instead of string.
-Move EncodingInputStream to util package.
-Make RemoteStreamServer implementations Serializable by implementing writeReplace to automagically export the object and return the remote stub.
-Add the DirectRemoteInputStream as a last-ditch alternative for dealing with certain problematic scenarios.

Posted by James Ahlborn 2008-02-14

Projects now available from ibiblio

The OpenHMS release repository is now being actively synchronized with the ibiblio repository. All OpenHMS releases should be available from the main ibiblio repository within a day or so of release!

Posted by James Ahlborn 2007-12-26