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#3 Branching off into other areas


I'm a software engineer who learned of biofeedback
training a while ago. Since that time I've put a lot of
thought and time into finding out as much as I can, for
what is namely the idea below.

As no doubt you all know, EEG + PC + Software has
enabled people to play _games_ with nothing more than
brain activity (certain types are reinforced, certain
aren't, etc). The focus has been heavily on the
feedback-training loop, which is not what I'm
interested in.

Machine-Human interface hardware - a mouse(hardware,
drivers, etc, for the windoze env.) you control with
your mind. I'm more than sure that its possible to do
with existing technology, although prohibitively
expensive. Never the less, I want to develop something
like this; without the NBF aspect of it (which, I
realise, is easier said than done, so as little as

Do you guys have any reference texts re analysis eeg
activity in relation to motor activity? If so I'd love
to hear about em.

Branching off so sharply is probably beyond the goals
of your project at this point in time, but there are so
few doing this sort of work.

Anyway, I have to go fry my kitty kat with a custom
built openEEG :)


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    The IBVA system.

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    The IBVA system.