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We have moved from SVN to Git. Currently only 0.6 is available. Older versions will not be available.

Posted by Abhinav Lele 2011-10-03

OpenAnimator IDE

Design animations from your browser ONLINE! Coming soon.

Posted by Abhinav Lele 2009-03-09

New version OpenAnimator (0.4)

New branch 0.4 has been created. Code in this branch will be based on 0.3 code.

This will also contain Catalyst v0.2 which is an implementation using the OpenAnimator 0.4 Engine.

Previous releases:
Catalyst v0.1 in OpenAnimator v0.3 branch

Posted by Abhinav Lele 2008-10-13

Coding Language Change

We are moving from C++ to Python

Posted by Abhinav Lele 2008-10-13