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Release 0.7.1

Version 0.7.1 has been released http://sourceforge.net/projects/obiblio/files/OpenBiblio/0.7.1

0.7.1 is recommended for new installs and for updating older versions of OpenBiblio, including all versions from openbiblio.de

The most important changes are:

* Updated to be compatible with MySQL 5.5.
* Updated for PHP 5.3.x deprecated features.
* Updated for PHP 5.4.0 backward incompatible changes.
* Fixes for bugs in OpenBiblio features.
* New and changed features: Check In shows hyperlinked member name (with Days Late and outstanding Account Balance), Override Due Date, Renew All, Offline Circulation, Bibliography Checkout History, Custom Copy Fields, Copy Barcode Number validation less restrictive and optional, new search types Call Number and Keyword, OPAC search and view exclude nonpublic fields, new parameters for reports Copy Search and Popular Bibliographies, new reports, new layouts for media labels and member cards.

Read install_instructions.html in the download for more details.

Known limitations:

* MARC is not stored perfectly in the database tables (issue 1, fixed in obiblio-10-wip).
* The search process was designed to be easy for the end user, not to query large databases efficiently - do not expect great performance when more than 20,000 MARC records with lots of fields are imported.
* UTF-8 multibyte characters: very limited support in reports and possibly issues with search (issue 19).
* If you have not updated to 64 bit PHP before some day in the year 2038: days late and late fee not calculated, incorrect timestamp calculations for holds (issue 51).

Thank you:

Community members: for contributing new features, sending bug reports and fixes for bugs.
Micah Stetson: for starting OpenBiblio 0.7.0 and leading the project for many years.

-- Hans

Posted by Hans van der Weij 2012-03-18