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Release 0.2.1


I have just released a new version of NXTCam view that addresses a few bugs. One of these will directly affect code currently in use. In the previous version (V2.0) the colors uploaded to NXTCam were in the reverse order to those sent by NXTCam when tracking. eg. Color 1 in NXTCamView was reported at Color 8 when NXTCam was tracking. This has been corrected, so Color 1 in NXTCamView and NXTCam view are now the same. There are some other minor fixes to improve stability, and allow the setup of blob tracking and line tracking.... read more

Posted by Paul T 2007-11-15

New version 0.1.8

I have updated NXTCam version 0.1.8 - both the installer and source (after a few tries). This version is more modal with a "connected" state. It ensures that functions requiring the NXTCam can only be performed when the NXTCam is connected (with associated icons etc.). I've also added a better way to select colors from the capture - if you hold down the <CTRL> key while clicking, it will add your color to the range you have selected. <SHIFT>+<CTRL>+click will remove a colors. The color range bars show the extents of the changes before clicking. This makes it easier to add/remove colors from the range. When combined with the color highlighting, it is pretty easy to select the colors to upload.... read more

Posted by Paul T 2007-09-21

Update checker

NXTCamView will now check the Sourceforge RRS release feed to see if a newer version is available. It won't actually download, but at least you'll know its there. This can be turn off.

Posted by Paul T 2007-08-31

Source available as zip

The entire source for NXTCamView is now available as a download in zip form. There is a build process (using NAnt) that allows this to be created easily.

Posted by Paul T 2007-08-31

First upload

I have uploaded the first alpha release of NXTCamView together with its source code. As you can see from the version number there have been a few releases already so its quite functional (at least enough to use it). If anyone has any suggestions please add them to the tracker.

Posted by Paul T 2007-08-14