#10 Importing files larger than 32MB asserts.

J. Scott Edwards

Importing a file larger than 32 megabytes causes this assert:

creating file: compressed.ndx import_file: disk_io.c:1347: find_bit_map_in_cache: Assertion `nwos_block_offset_to_chunks <= block && block < nwos_block_offset_to_chunks + nwos_total_private_blocks' failed.

I don't know the exact file size that causes the failure. A 32 megabyte file seems to work fine. Both a 44 megabyte file and a 130 megabyte file have failed.


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    This may have gotten fixed. I imported a 45 MB file with version Alpha_28.1 and it worked okay (but it took 5 1/2 minutes to sort with --minimal-security). I tried importing a 70 MB file and it did not assert but it was taking forever so I killed the process.

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    I added code to show progress and then imported the 70 megabyte file 3 times and it worked fine all 3 times. I am not sure what happened when I tried it earlier. I definitely don't recommend doing a 70 megabyte file with backup (.dif) files enabled on the current version. It sorted for 45 minutes and had not completed.

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • I am closing this bug because I don't believe this is still a problem. I have imported dozens of files larger than 32 MB and they have all worked fine. I have imported a 200 MB file and it worked, but it was very slow (see Bug #2392531 in the Objectify Bug Tracker - http://sourceforge.net/projects/objectify\).