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#208 TextFX "always converts to CRLF" is broken

JP Vossen

Steps to reproduce using
1) Make sure NPPTextFX is enabled

2) Settings:
TextFX > TextFX Viz Settings > +Viz Copy-Cut always converts to CRLF
TextFX > TextFX Viz Settings > +Viz Paste converts EOL to editor
TextFX > TextFX Viz Settings > +Viz Captures Keyboard Ctrl C,X,V

3) Restart NPP if necessary

4) Create a multi-line file with LF line endings

5) Select and copy several lines of text

6) Paste into Windows Notepad

Result: Lines are pasted into Windows Notepad as 1 long line with embedded LFs

Expected: Lines should be pasted into Windows Notepad as multiple lines with LF converted to CRLF

I haven't look at this deeply, but it seems to be a long standing bug. It is not present in the *ANSI* NPPTextFX.dll from, but may be present in the Unicode version from around then up to present. This is a show-stopping bug for me, that requires I stay with ANSI NPP 5.4.5 and NPPTextFX.dll from :-(