#656 Make "Run" parameters available for the second view

Don HO
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Proposal: Make "Run" parameters available for the *second* view as well, similar those that already exist, see
http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/uk/run-HOWTO.php .

For example:
$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH) for the current view (the one that has the focus -- that the way it works now -- v4.0),
$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH:1) for the primary view,
$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH:2) for the secondary view.

And the same for all $(parameters), except of course NPP_DIRECTORY (or allow that too, but have it return the same value for both...)

This way, any diff tool could be run from Npp++, with (I think) minimal programming effort from the team. Others may be able to think of other uses for launching two files at the same time.

If a run command using a parameter for the second view is used, when there is only one view active, you could:
- either display an error message,
- run the command with the values for the first view instead,
- or show a confirmation prompt: "You're trying to run a command for the second view, but there is no second view. Would you like to run the command anyway, using all values from the current view?" [OK] [Cancel]...

Thanks in advance!


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