#1710 Cannot change folders from File name box in Save As dialog


I love Notepad++ but this one really bugs me ...

In most Windows applications using common dialogs you can start to type in the path in the Save As dialog File name box and press enter to get it to navigate the explorer part of the normal dialog to that folder. e.g. if trying to save in a subdirectory whose name you could not remember off C:\TEMP\MYFOLDER you could type in C:\TEMP\MYFOLDER and press enter - this would then show the explorer above for that folder and you could mouse to the actual subdirectory you wanted.

In Notepad++ if you do this trying to save e.g. a sql file - what you get when you press enter is the a save of a file with no name but extension .sql in the C:\TEMP\MYFOLDER directory. I have littered my system with such failed saves and it drives me nuts!

I guess the code on the Save button should be checking and if the typed name resolves to be a folder only then it should not save yet but rather just navigate the explorer to that folder.

Thanks for considering this one!


  • ThiloL

    This should be fixed.

  • Josh Kinnison
    Josh Kinnison

    I've waited for this bug to be fixed for a long time, but it seems like most people just don't care. To fix it yourself, edit the langs.xml file such that <Language name="normal" ext="txt" /> becomes <Language name="normal" ext="" />. Then set your default language to "Normal Text". After restarting Notepad++, the save dialog will default to "All types (*.*)", and you will be able to navigate folders properly. The downside is that you'll have to manually type your desired extension.