Kick bugs and debug script

On the 14th Jan 2002 alone, there where 37 downloads. Yet I ahve not seen any reports of bugs, which is good.

I have been informed of a bug, but as of yet, do not have the ability to confirm it.

I must stress, that unless you the users report bugs, there will never be a fully operational copy of No!Spam available again. Not because I would abandon it, but due to lack of reports and helpful information.

This also applies to feature requests, without your input, the advancment of No!Spam will freeze, with only bug fixes being applied.

If anybody is having issues with there version, please post a bug report as soon as possible. I also have a new beta copy available (changes do not warrent a public beta), which includes a small function, which will be included with public releases.

The code that will be included in the public release, add only 9 microseconds to the preocessing time in standalone mode, this will probably be less in a more complex script (like No!Spam). The actual code that does the debug function, is provided by a second script, which can used both ont he leaf and the master Tcl script.

It will not be required for it to be loaded at all times, only when a bug arises, and needs to be investigated further.

Unless a bug arises, there will be no need to worry about the extra code included.


Posted by Philip Richardson 2002-01-17