NewApp. A modular visual programming language.


NewApp is a multi purpose visual programming language. NewApp has two modes, a ‘design’ mode and a ‘user’ mode. Both modes are integrated in the same user interface. During the design phase, one may switch between the two modes. When the design is finished, one may ‘lock’ the design (the 'source code') from being accessible to users. At that point the new application is ready for end-user use and/or distribution. Since the new designed application is stored as a single XML file, the application can be shared with anyone who has NewApp installed, independent of the operation system used. NewApp includes a special feature, which enables applications designed in NewApp to be stored as stand-alone executables.

NewApp applications can best be thought of as 'circuits.' A circuit in NewApp consists of several 'components' which can be connected with each other by means of 'connections'. Also circuits can be connected with each other. NewApp ships with some basic modules ('components') for your testdrive as NewApp developer. New components can be added by means of a plugins.


• Intuitive, visual and modular design of software applications
• Applications are designed by connecting components with specific tasks, in the same way electronic components and integrated circuits are connected on an experiment board.
• Designed applications, its settings and its produced data are saved within a single XML file
• Run and re-run applications, starting from scratch or from previous collected data
• Support for customized graphical user interfaces for high level user interaction
• Responsive and fluid graphical and/or auditory representation of generated data in real-time
• Easy control over the way devices and algorithms interact
• Seamless integration of most common programming tasks (conditionals, math, etc.)
• Time based control for sequencing image and sound data
• Real-time rendering of 3D graphics, 2D image and sound
• Easy implementation of new functionality by means of plugins
• Networking support
• I/O support for external devices
• I/O support for files (including stdin, stdout, stderr)
• Support for multi-threating
• Designed applications must be able to run as console applications on unix clusters
• Designed applications must be able to operate as a single file standalone executable, without dependencies
• Multiplatform support (OSX, Windows and Unix derivatives)


Please go to the FAQ's section for further information.

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