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Internationalized NetHack is a project to get the game of NetHack ready for translation to other human languages.

Presently, three other projects offer translations of NetHack, in Japanese, Spanish and German. None of these translations are true internationalization, however; they hard-code the content and structure of their respective languages, just as the original NetHack hard-codes the content and structure of the English language.

Internationalized NetHack aims to provide a true internationalization of NetHack. Content is translated using a gettext-like facility; grammar and syntax are handled through scripting in Ruby, specific to each language and selectable when the game is started.

Supported languages:

  • English
  • Spanish

Supported platforms:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X (in git)

Supported user interfaces:

  • Curses, modified to support full IBMgraphics on terminals capable of UTF-8, on Windows, Linux and Mac; the distributed binaries for Windows use Win32a

  • Qt 4 interface on Windows, Linux and Mac; somewhat improved from the Qt 3 interface in vanilla

  • Win32 interface on Windows

  • Clive Crous's Ne.W.T interface on Windows, Linux and Mac

Roadmap from here:

  • This project needs developers; I don't speak every possible language.

  • Finish the documentation here.

  • Support compiling on other systems; rework into a library along the lines of NetHack 4

  • Draw up a proper web site.

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