speed_cam from csv-File

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    I added a osd-type="speed_cam" to my navit.xml. This does function for the speed_cams coming from the osm.bin maps.
    But more speed_cam are in the IG08-files. So I added a map type="csv" with correct path to may active mapset.
    According to the log-file the IG08-csv-file is foung by navit.
    But for the entries of that file I get no warnungs.
    I found in the Navit-Wiki the folloing note: "This only works if you complie navit with the option -enable-map-csv . If you use navit from a deb package, it won't work!"
    I do not compile ba myself. I use e.g. navit-svn-4908.zip for win32.
    I don't know whether it is compiled with option -enable-map-csv.
    Can anyone give a comment ?


  • Anonymous

    The problem is resolved.

    The reason was a single blanc character at the end of the attr_type string (after 'direction').

    <map  type="csv" enabled="yes" data="D:\Prda\static\Navit_Maps\allcam_de.txt" item_type="tec_common" attr_types="position_longitude,position_latitude,tec_type,maxspeed,tec_dirtype,tec_direction " />

    After deletion of this character, the speed_cam map worked.