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#105 Napster (BeOS) does not connect when behind NAT.

Networking (40)

Okay, this is really not a bug, but rather something to investigate. It seems that when using NAT with this Napster clone, the requests are never getting back to my box. I can request ten or twelve downloads. Our of those ten or twelve, one or two may give me some kind of response. The response is always "Failed: didn't answer", or "Incompatible version". I understand what I am doing is extremely dificult to get around as far as programming this application on a 'transport' level. But ... my Napster interface for Win9x works just fine using the same server. I am running WinRoute (latest realease) on Windows NT (for NAT). I have BeOS version 5, with the .0.3 patch. ANd I am using the most recent version of Napster for BeOS which I think is BETA 6. Are there others using NAT with similar problems? ANy work arounds? :(

-Ray Dios Haque


  • Ray Dios Haque
    Ray Dios Haque

    Any future developments on this issue? I had thought there were comments here, but they seem to have vanished. Maybe I was looking at another issue. I really like Napster alot, but it just doesn't work if you are friewalled/using NAT. Will there be a new release? BeShare seems to be a nice alternative, but it just doesn't have the same userbase!

    -Ray Dios Haque