segmentation faults with charset issues

  • I experienced segmentation faults in mypysql with non-ASCII characters in the result or query strings. After a little research I noticed that there was something wrong with my database setup: After executing "SET NAMES 'utf8'; with the cursor object, the segfaults disappeared. However, still I think segfaults are an ugly way of reporting errors, so maybe they are a hint to find some bug in the code, even though I found out how to work around that.
    If you need further info for debugging, please let me know!
    Many thanks for your effort in providing mysql for python3, by the way …

  • phalaaxx

    Hi, thanks for your feedback :)

    Of course, segfault always indicates there is a bug in the code, no matter what circumstances caused it. I'll look into this problem and fix it as soon as I have some time to investigate it.

    Best wishes