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MXML2UI v0.6

1. Support of Canvas is added:
myBuilder.addUnit("Canvas", ageyev.mxml2ui.containers.Canvas);
2. Added opportunity to set width and height of MovieClip in attributes:
<myMovie width="100" height="100" />
3. Fixed bugs with dataProvider at compilation under Flash Player 7 and above.

Posted by Igor Ageyev 2006-04-28

MXML2UI v0.5 released

1. Support of Repeater, Tile and DataProvider is added.
2. Class UIbuilder is simplified.
3. Added opportunity to set object in attributes.
<mx:Label label='{}' />
4. Initiation of all classes have a general view.

Posted by Igor Ageyev 2006-04-05

MXML2UI v0.4 released

1. Class UImaker is renamed in UIbuilder.
2. Added new method addUnit(name:String, o:Object) to class UIbuilder.
// The following example includes support of container Panel in the project
// myBuilder - instance of class UIbuilder
myBuilder.addUnit("Skin", ageyev.mxml2ui.skins.UIborder);
myBuilder.addUnit("Panel", ageyev.mxml2ui.containers.Panel);
3. For change of the generated interface in a class UIbuilder new methods are added:
UIbuilder.addElement(descr:XMLNode [, cont:String]):Void // Adds new elements to UI.
UIbuilder.delElement(id:String, num:Number):Void // Removes elements from UI.
UIbuilder.getElement(id:String):Object // Gets reference to UI element.
UIbuilder.setData(o:Object, modName:String):Void // Sets new values to elements of UI.
4. Containers have received unduly forgotten before property:
marginLeft, marginRight, height, width, backgroundColor, cornerRadius
(last two are accessible at connected module 'Skin' by addUnit).
5. Support of container Panel is added.
6. Definition of containers Application, VBox and HBox are allocated into separate classes.
7. Definition of validators StringValidator and NumberValidator are allocated into separate classes.
// The following example includes support of Model and validators in the project
// myBuilder - instance of class UIbuilder
8. Added opportunity to set id for containers.
9. Support of hints became optional
// The following example includes support of ToolTip in the project
// myBuilder - instance of class UIbuilder
myBuilder.addUnit("Skin", ageyev.mxml2ui.skins.UIborder);
10.Added opportunity to set parameter for function in mxml.
<mx:Button click='myFunction({hi:"world",happy:2006})'/>
Allowable types of parameter: String, Number, Boolean, Object.
11.Fixed bugs with tabIndex and arrangement of components having property 'autoSize'.
12.Data model (<mx:Model>) now can have treelike structure.

Posted by Igor Ageyev 2006-01-07

MXML2UI v0.3 released

MXML2UI is an ActionScript 2.0 library for create flash applications using MXML based UI definitions (on client side).

v0.3 fixed bugs (from v0.2) :

1. Fixed bug in players >= 7,0,0 with horizontal accommodation of elements in "Box".
2. Fixed bug with tooltips at using of class not in _root.
3. All deprecated "<>" are replaced on "!=".
4. The code of a class UImaker is reduced.... read more

Posted by Igor Ageyev 2005-11-19

First release of MXML2UI

The first release of MXML2UI has left.
This is Action Script class library for generating user interfaces of flash application. As language for describing UI it uses MXML. This class package simplifies and accelerates development of flash UI.
More detailed information:

Posted by Igor Ageyev 2005-11-15