#541 Use of Import.php or other method


Trying to use the import.php function to import information into MRBS. I tried to export an item and the use the import feature and I keep getting the following error:
•'LEBLANC - LEBLANC #1B-2': field does not exist and cannot be added - no area given

Ultimately, I am trying to find a format to be able to update the DB as I have it in another format that I need to transform into .ics. Are there any other import facilities that I can use?

I guess I could always try to build something directly for MySQL backend db, but not sure where to start as I need to import "AREAS" and "FIELDS" and would somehow need to show that link in the import facility...


  • The problem is that the default delimiter between areas and rooms on exporting is '-' whereas on import it's ';' (not very sensible, I agree; I'll have a look at changing it). In order to be able to import your booking again you need to change the default delimiter on the import form to '-'.


  • I also noticed and fixed (Rev 2840) a bug in the export of an entry whereby the description included the full event details and not just the description.


  • Anonymous

    On a separate note, would you be able to add the concept of a "default area" in case an area does not exist during the import of an .ICS when there is no defined area in the ICS file?

    By having a default area like "OTHER", any ics files with a location that does not have an area defined and the checkbox "add field automatically", the script would not fail.



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