Question: Can a txt list be generated?

  • TAdams


    I am curious if a .txt/pdf/spreadsheet list can be generated from the items in a filtered view? Or if there is some way to generate a list for external use outside of the application.

    I lost  a HDD, and along with it a lot of renaming/re-tagging. I have managed to salvage all the data, but many files are now corrupted. To make life a bit easier I would like to export a list so that I know which songs I need to re-rip :/ If the collection was not so large, I most certainly would just copy them down by hand.

    For instance, I import a group of files, lets say 1000 MP3's and then apply the filters so that only items that are tagged as "ac" and "ak" are showing. I would then love to have the ability to "obtain" some sort of list. Any other ideas would be appreciated.

    Best regards,

  • Ciobi

    You can generate lists in 3 formats: TXT, XML and M3U. Hopefully one of them will do what you need. See for how to enable the "export" button.