Remote mounts and dissappearing scan database


  • Anonymous

    Hi Again,

    I have a persistent problem mp3diags that is causing me a lot of grief.  It's all my own fault of course but I was wondering if mp3diags can be improved to help my failing mind.

    All my music is on a music server (FreeNas running Squeezecentre).  I have my music library shared using samba but it is not always mounted on my ubuntu machine that I run mp3diags on. If I forget to  mount my music library and start mp3diags it thinks something has changed and resets the database so when I remount my music library it has to rescan the whole 7000 files. Because it is on the lan, this is very time consuming.

    Can you suggest anyway that Mp3diags can be made smarter to recognize the music library is not present  before resetting the database?

    Just love this program so much. Use it with MP3tag running under wine. Wish it supported flac files even it just listed them and the tags. Would be really great if we could process a customer command line argument against files selected - i.e. for running mp3playgain or generating a list of mp3 files and characteristics, custom tagging script etc etc


  • Ciobi

    You're right about the pain of rescanning, and I guess I would add a warning that some folders are missing, and the user can accept/retry/abort. But this won't happen in the near future, because I have no time. So my suggestion is to do something similar to what I do with mplayer (which cannot disable the screensaver) or tvtime (which usually crashes when trying to start in full-screen mode, and can't turn off the audio upon exit): I never run these programs directly, but through some scripts that I wrote, which correct the issues. It's not elegant, but it's effective. You can have a little script that shows an error message and exits if the net drive isn't mounted (or better: mounts it) and starts MP3 Diags if everything is fine.

    As for the other suggestions, it would be better to add some entries to the Issue Tracker. That won't guarantee that they'll ever get implemented, but this way I won't forget about them, and other users might add their own thoughts as well.