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  • Installation: requirements, architectures, prebuilt EC2 AMIs.
    • Requirements: defines technology needed by users and hosts
    • Server: details on launching example Server AMI in EC2
    • Transcoder: details on launching Transcoder AMI in EC2
    • Architectures: how to configure typical network approaches
  • Interface Customization: allows for many design possibilities
  • Content Management: organizing assets and mashes
  • User Controls: provide an interface for viewing and changing properties
    • Browser:__ allows grouping and dragging of media
    • CGI: enables interaction with host scripts
    • Field: presents text for editing
    • Icon: serves as a general purpose button
    • Picker: enables selection of fill colors
    • Player: provides preview and playback of a mash
    • Plotter: provides graph for time-based fading of effects and volume
    • Ruler: aligns with timeline to change playhead position
    • Scrollbar: changes scroll properties of timeline or browser
    • Slider: changes properties of clips, timeline, player and browser
    • Text: presents text as an uneditable label
    • Timeline: enables remixing of a mash
    • Trimmer: allows start and end times of AV media to be changed
  • Modular Media: effects, transitions, themes
    • Adjust: changes brightness, contrast, hue and saturation
    • Bender: applies an external Pixel Bender filter with parameters
    • Caption: adds wrapping text with semi transparent background
    • Chromakey: composites selected portions of a video based on color
    • Clouds: generates animated gradients for Displace module
    • Colorfade: produces a flat color that fades to another
    • Colorize: desaturates and applies a tint
    • Composite: applies custom media with transform and paint mode
    • Convolution: uses matrices for sharpen, blur, emboss, outline
    • Crossfade: merges video clips using transparency
    • Cube: rotates video clips on a 3D cube
    • Displace: uses custom media for wave, ripple, glass effects
    • Gradientmap: generates animated gradients for Displace module
    • Matte: masks one clip over another using a third as a map
    • Picturebox: applies custom media with colored background
    • Shapes: generates bars, boxes and ovals for Matte module
    • Textbox: adds text with colored background
    • Ticker: adds scrolling colored text in a custom font
    • Title: adds colored text in a custom font for titling
  • Applet XML Syntax: define all options and runtime information
    • bar: generates a colored row or column of controls in a panel
    • control: defines an interface control item within a bar
    • moviemasher: container tag for all other tags
    • panel: generates a shadowed rectangle to hold bars and controls
    • preview: describes styling options for media and clips
    • source: loads mash and media from URL
  • Mash XML Syntax: describes a user generated mix of media
    • config: url to a configuration file with a moviemasher tag
    • clip: references a specific media item in a mash
    • crop: boolean - zero (false) or one (true)
    • media: video, audio, images, effects and transitions
    • option: specifies fonts, servers and runtime options
    • fps: integer frames per second
    • id: any alphanumeric string
    • quantize: integer frames per second
  • API XML Syntax: define options for transcoding operations

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MOMI Deployment
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Standard Liquid Implementation
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Kawasaki Ninja Deployment
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MTV Best Show Ever Deployment
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ShotClip Deployment
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Cast This Deployment