FAQ (1)

Q: I used your package(s). How can I cite it in my publication?

A: If you type 'citation("Morpho")' in R, you get a bibtex formatted reference to the package's manual. Please make sure that the URL to this website shows up in the bibliography.

Q: Are there bugs?

A: Almost certainly, yes.

Q: How can I report a bug?

A: Email me (my address can be found by typing '?Morpho' within R) or post in the Help-Forum.
Please provide:

  • which version of Morpho are you using (make sure it is the latest) - issue

  • System infos - obtained by

  • a detailed description what went wrong (which functions used)

  • the command issued (including your arguments)
  • the error text, pasted from your R-terminal
  • the result of

  • additonally, it might be useful to mail me the data used

Q: How can I use the latest (unreleased) code of Morpho?

You have two options:
Option a:
use devtools (see Installation guide)

Option b:
1. Install GIT

  • Install tools needed to build R-packages (only necessary for OSX and Windows)

    • get the source code:

            git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/morpho-rpackage/code morpho-rpackage-code
    • or update it - in case you already cloned the repository

            git pull
  • build and install the package

              R CMD INSTALL morpho-rpackage-code

Q: When will Morpho reach version 1.0?

A: When all undocumented functions (and there are some really cool ones) are properly documented - which can take a while.