#33 rst parser using docutils html4css1 writer

Matthew Gilbert

Alternative rst parser using the docutils code rather
than the moinmoin code for formatting. In my test cases
handles more of the docutils structure than the
existing code.

Supports all of the moinmoin's linking syntax but using
restructuredtext directives.

Tested with docutils 0.3.5. So for now, requires
docutils 0.3.5.


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    as long as the efforts on rst require more than what's in
    debian, I can't even test it.

    • summary: rst parser using docutils html4css1 parser --> rst parser using docutils html4css1 writer
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    Tested with docutils 0.3.3 which I see there is a package
    for in debian unstable? Thomas, will you install something
    from unstable? The url is:


    It seems to work fine with 0.3.3. Will you try the patch the
    now? Thanks

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    I'd love to see this in a future release of MoinMoin. In
    case providing feedback increases the chance of this being
    merged, I've been using it with 1.3rc1, and it's working
    nicely. I wasn't able to apply the patch to rst.py -- maybe
    a line-ending issue, so I just overwrote the existing file
    with everything from the "+" lines.

    • status: open --> closed
    • status: closed --> closed-duplicate
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    Thanks for submitting another patch in the patch tracker.
    This is a duplicate therefore.

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    I'd really like to see reStructuredText support get added
    to MoinMoin; this would make it much more attractive for a
    project I've got brewing that could use a wiki. The
    classic syntax would be totally unacceptable for the
    audience for that project.

    (Of course, my other option would be to use Zope 3 with

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    fdrake, MoinMoin has reStructuredText support already. Just
    look at HelpOnParsers and notice that this item is closed. You
    need to use a current 1.3 release, though.

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    Yes, I noticed that and found the other relevant patch
    after I'd submitted my comment. Sorry for the confusion.

    I was pretty tired and figured I'd best not follow up
    again in case I'd still not gotten it right. :-)