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#327 slow startup

Arno Waschk

Arno has observed "slow startup" -- a new node takes
several minutes to connect to the network and start
doing searches/downloads/uploads properly. I haven't
observed this, but then I haven't tested as much as
Arno has since v0.6.2.364-STABLE was built.

Anyway, personally I think this should be bumped to
v0.6.3 and maybe a note should be added to a "known
bugs" document that goes out with the v0.6.2 release.


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    Arno agrees. It is only very noticeable when a fresh broker
    is started the first time, so we should ask new users for
    some patience...

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    This *might* be the same as "memory usage explosion" bug.

  • Arno Waschk
    Arno Waschk

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    for me that is a 0.6.2 since it is connected to reconnection
    problems and possible broker isolation.
    We avoid bootpage lookup except for broker's life cycle's first
    launch, and we often don't send hellos during the first 15
    minutes, and we often only see one single MT being helloed at
    during the first hour (which might be offline or who knows?),
    and we often don't send list servers during the first 5 or so
    minutes either.
    So only after these times the broker can start communication
    with the network.
    We should change that. It seems important for a first-user
    impression as well, and we want good reputation, no?

  • Arno Waschk
    Arno Waschk

    • priority: 4 --> 7
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    This happens only if your node is using relay server.

    Arno has correctly identified the details, and we've
    discussed it on the mailing list. (Sorry no link here
    because the mail archive at sf.net hasn't updated to include
    the discussion yet.)

    • priority: 7 --> 8
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    I believe Arno is now testing a patch for this.

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    As of nano 372, this does not happen anymore.

    But I am leaving this issue open for Arno to close it after
    he tests that patch.