#5 creation date in mix keys


Because pubring.mix files posted on various web pages
are not always current as to
live/dead remailers and/or obsolete keys for live
remailers, I wrote a Perl script
to read all pubring.mix files and store the keys
according to web-page/remailer
value. Which works great except there's still no way to
tell whose page has the
most current key - all I can tell is there are
different keys.

So, a question: is there any reason why the Mixmaster
"short key" ( the line of
information for a remailer found in a type2.list file)
couldn't/shouldn't contain
a creation-date? Like:

aarg remailer@aarg.net
475f3f9fe8da22896c10082695a92c2d 2.9beta31 C 2002/01/01

I think this would make keeping one's keys in order
much easier. Granted this would
require a change to the mixmaster code itself but I
think it would be a small change.



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    This came up before. The consensus seemed to be to delay
    that until
    after the 3.0 release, then investigate how older
    implementations of
    mixmaster and some pingers handle additional fields. If it
    is no problem
    then date of creation and optionally expiration should be
    added to the
    summary line.

    • summary: datestamp for key generation --> creation date in mix keys
    • status: open --> closed
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    This feature is implemented in current CVS and will be part
    of our next release