#15 Win32 Build

Apple 101

I use Miau on my Linux distro, and would like to use it
on Windows XP as well. Thus, I need a Win32 build.


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    Duplicate with #1391171, but with different kind of reply.

    I don't have tools nor means to compile stuff under
    Microsoft Windows, so all you can do is to try to find some
    unofficial build of miau for Windows, or compile it yourself.

    I just wonder if you really need to run miau on every single
    system you have. My point is, miau is intended to be run on
    a system that is running and online at all times. If you
    dualboot (or multiboot) between two or more operating
    systems, you probably don't need to run miau on that computer.

    Anyway, I will have to leave this request open until someone
    offers to compile binaries for Windows to be included to
    file-list at SourceForge.net.

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    I tried to compile a win32 build using cygwin but miau
    increases its cpu usage to 100% when I get disconnected from
    my connection.. no clue about the prob.

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    Maybe I'll try to find the time and try that myself one day.
    Especially now that VMWare can be obtained for free.