Jussi Pakkanen

The Meson build system has moved

The new home of Meson's documentation is here. The information below is preserved only for posterity. It should be considered out of date.

Meson user manual

This is the user manual for Meson. It currently tracks the state of Git head, which will eventually become version 0.18. If you are using an older version, some of the information here might not work for you.

Wiki home


Wiki: Adding flags
Wiki: Build options
Wiki: Build system converters
Wiki: Build targets
Wiki: Compiler properties
Wiki: Configuration
Wiki: Configuring a build directory
Wiki: Cross compilation
Wiki: Custom build targets
Wiki: Dependencies
Wiki: External commands
Wiki: Feature autodetection
Wiki: Generating sources
Wiki: Home
Wiki: IDE integration
Wiki: Include directories
Wiki: Installing
Wiki: Java
Wiki: Localisation
Wiki: Meson sample
Wiki: Overview
Wiki: Pkg-config files
Wiki: Precompiled headers
Wiki: Run targets
Wiki: Running Meson
Wiki: Subprojects
Wiki: Syntax
Wiki: Unit tests
Wiki: Unity builds
Wiki: Vala