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new MegaMek stable release 0.36.0

Hi everyone,

after a loooong time since our last stable release, our development has finally resulted in a new stable release, 0.36.0.
I'd like to thank everyone that was involved with this, especially our newer developers who really started to fix a lot of bugs this year. As usual, the download can be found on the download page.
Here's the changelog since the last stable release:
v0.36.0 (2013-10-25, 00:26 UTC+2)
+ Bug [#3892]: Ejected MechWarrior Takes Sprite of a 'mech from previous game
+ Bug: Adjusted Server.saveGame so that the whole XML isn't stored in memory
and is instead streamed to a file.
+ Change default max heap size to 1024m... read more

Posted by Sebastian Brocks 2013-10-24

latest development snapshot 0.35.33

I just released our latest development snapshot, head to the files section for downloads.
Here's the changelog:

v0.35.33 (2012-11-26, 22:19 UTC+1)
+ Added additional logging to Princess in order to make it a bit easier to track
down the runtime problems she has.
+ The Princess portion of the Bot Config Dialog now has 3 levels of verbosity:
ERROR, WARNING and DEBUG. DEBUG gets pretty verbose and shouldn't be used
unless you're looking for something specific.
+ I believe I have finally fixed the issue with Princess getting stuck in the
Precognition.wait_for_unpause logic because the events_to_process list was
never clearing out.
+ Bug: MM hanging up on deployment with conventional infantry
+ Bug: BA having equipment doubled
+ additions for InfantryLab in MML
+ traitor command for units switching sides
+ new windres and Id binaries in launch4j that will run on OSX Lion
+ updated OSX packaging to keep lib outside of app folder, for consistency with
+ check for null mounted on BipedMech#hasVibroBladeInLocation (still don't know
why a null mounted was there though)
+ Bug: RAT files not reloading when the game is reset
+ Bug: random name generator losing preferences when game reset
+ added tech rating, availability codes, and dates to extended equipment
+ base getNCrew and getNPassenger methods in Aero
+ Feature 1115: Each C3/C3i Network gets a different color.
+ Bug 3572: Tanks are being treated like ASF for weight classes (Was: Tank
weightclass sorting wrong in MechSelectorDialog)
+ WIP Feature 1121: Unofficial Option: All mechs carry Battle Armor
+ Bug: Clan Recoilless Rifles have wrong internal name
+ Bug 3142: Flamer infantry attacks with rifles
+ Bug 3187: Infantry Flamers special ability
+ Bug 2764: Manei Domini and P/L MASC
+ Bug 3327: Some MD enhancement quirks
+ Bug 3359: Fighter Squadrons have 0 overthrust
+ Bug 3255: Deleting unit in squadron doesnt get removed
+ Bug: some cluster weapons not doing aero damage correctly
+ Bug: squadron base weapon damage not based on attack value
+ some fixes to
+ Bug 3063: (Aero) Ultra cluster damage
+ improvements to damage reporting for aeros
+ Bug 3254: NPE in PilotMapSet
+ Bug 3351: Wrong Damage of AI weapons vs. MechInf
but see,23928.0.html
+ Bug: Images from data/images/fluff/ not displaying in Linux AND
using File.exists() instead of File.isFile() allowing directories to be incorrectly matched
+ Bug 3062: 0 MP infantry cannot climb stairs
+ Bug 3326: Swarm w/ Conventional Infantry
+ Bug 3112: Sylph getting stuck with combat drop
+ Bug 3288: Aero return flyover deploys along wrong edge
+ Bug 3389: Altitude Bombing not working at NOE
+ Bug 3471: DFA on an Aerospace unit causes ridiculous fall
+ Bug 3372: Plasma rifles don't add heat to ASFs
+ Bug: fighter squadron plasma rifles don't add heat for all weapons that hit
+ Bug 3565: Infantry Costs
+ Bug 2672: (aero) NPE when ramming with Kraken-T missiles
+ Bug 3591: Fighters on ground maps - "Random"
+ Bug 3516: Collision with a dropship
+ Bug 3351: Wrong Damage of AI weapons vs. MechInf
+ Bug 3599: No flank speed for grounded aeros
+ Bug 3600: Physical attacks on grounded dropships impossible
+ Bug 3524: Physicals permitted (but fail) for a srpinted unit.
+ Bug 3397: falling during combat drop
+ Bug 3601: Can't jump or VTOL fly over grounded dropships
+ Bug 3605: Calculating Incorrect BattleForce Armor
+ Feature Request: #1129 Need method to get non-prototype heat sink count - Added a method to count heat sinks without
+ Bug: Fixed UAC5 and UAC5 Prototype Aero ranges and damage
+ Bug: add support for C
/WoB BA Bays
+ Added naval tug adaptor construction data
+ Bug: transport bays not properly encoding when writing BLK files
+ Bug with bays
+ Dune Buggy MP reduction not shown outside of games, to match TROs
+ Bug: superheavy tanks loading equipment into wrong location
+ Support UTF-8 unit names
+ Bug: Tank fission engines need engine shielding
+ Bug: Tank fission engines don't need power amps

Posted by Sebastian Brocks 2012-11-26

MegaMek: new stable release 0.34.1

MegaMek is a networked Java clone of BattleTech, a turn-based sci-fi boardgame for 2+ players. Fight using giant robots, tanks, and/or infantry on a hex-based map.

Just 2 days ago, we finally created the latest MM stable release, which now features complete TW ground combat rules (with some very minor exceptions, some support veehicle stuff, like airships, is not implemented, and building-basements are missing).
After more than 2 years since the last stable release, I hope you all enjoy the progress we've made.
Please find it for download here: read more

Posted by Sebastian Brocks 2009-04-29

release candidate 2 for new stable release

Hey guys,
after a looooong time without a new stable release, we have produced a release candidate for the next stable release.
Please test it rigorously, if there are no new bugs found in it in the next week or so, this will become our next stable release.
Download it here:

Posted by Sebastian Brocks 2009-04-16

New Stable Release! Final BMR release.

Our friendly neighborhood administrator, Beerockxs, just release stable 0.32.0. As the release candidate has been available for a week with zero bug reports, it has been decided to be "good enough".

This will be the final release for the BMR. Going forward, development will be done on the Total Warfare rules set, and BMR rules (where different) will be converted over.

As a rule, those sections of the rules that do not currently have a new version (Artillery, for example) will be left in place until the suitable replacement rules have been published.... read more

Posted by fastsammy 2006-10-04

New Dev Release, snapshot 2006-09-27; Stable 0.32.0 RC1!

Our friend beerockxs just released a new dev version, and this is officially RC1 for stable 0.32.0. Please pound, abuse, and generally beat up on it to find as many bugs as possible.

Posted by fastsammy 2006-09-27

MegaMek v0.30.0 released

After more than two years of development, the next stable
version of MegaMek has been released!!!

This release is accompanied with some changes to the package
structure, and with a new way of handling version numbers.
Now, all development snapshots will go to the "development"
package. Stable releases will be in the "stable" package. Any
release files that let you upgrade an existing installation will
be in the "upgrades" package. Media files (which should be
portable between all versions) will be in the "media" package.
The "utilities" package remains the same. Also, the current
stable branch has a new version number, v0.30.0, instead
of re-using the old development numbers of v0.29.x; the first
release of the new development branch will be called v0.31.0.... read more

Posted by James Damour 2005-08-15

Announcing the Bug Hunter of the Month!

Because it has been nearly a year since our last stable release, and our bug list is still huge, I've decided to start recognizing the MegaMek Bug Hunter of the Month. While this honor has no practical value (much like MegaMek:), it does grant bragging rights. Hopefully, this will be sufficient motivation for the developers to start killing bugs in earnest.

This award is granted based on the number of tracked bugs that have been recorded as "fixed" in history.txt. If you've made a change and failed to update history.txt, or if your change wasn't for an item in the Bug Tracker, it does not count. While it is perfectly acceptable to add a report to the Bug Tracker and then fix it, you are not allowed to get credit for bugs fixed in previous months. Feel free to update the current history.txt for unclaimed bugs that you've squashed in June.... read more

Posted by James Damour 2004-06-04

MegaMek v0.29.0 released

The latest stable version of MegaMek has been released! This version represents nearly five months of development followed by over a month of dedicated bug fixing. A number of bugs are still being tracked against MegaMek, but all are difficult to reproduce outside of their reported environments.

Features of note include:
+ Vehicles can transport infantry
+ BattleArmor infantry
+ Mek Stealth systems
+ Swarm Mek and Leg Attacks from anti-Mek trained infantry
+ Clan ATM missle systems
+ Inferno SRM ammunition (on Level 2 units)
+ Alterante Ammunition Selection (on Level 2 units)
+ Ability to target hexes (to clear woods or set fires)
+ Ability to save and reload groups of units (including their ammo useage and damage) in XML format
+ Unit Selection now includes a summary of the unit's information
+ Roads now cause Skids, and provide movement bonuses to tanks
+ Native support for Mek files from Heavy Metal Pro and The Drawing Board
+ Meks can now go prone intentionally
+ New "fluff" images for advance Map Editors
+ Initiative now tracked correctly for Teams of Players
+ A new, graphical Mek Display
+ Innumerable ease-of-use updates to the client... read more

Posted by James Damour 2003-06-25

MegaMek is June POTM

The good folks at and Linux Magazine have declared MegaMek the June, 2003 Project of the Month! To celebrate, the project's developers are scrambling to kill all bugs (priority 4 and greater) and release the next stable version: v0.29. We ask all players to download the latest developement snapshot (currently v0.29.21) and help us find any bugs hiding in the code and confirm that the recent fixes have fixed the old bugs (see history.txt or the release notes to see what bugs have been fixed).

Posted by James Damour 2003-06-03

MegaMek v0.28.0 released

The latest version of MegaMek (0.28.0) has been released. MegaMek is an implementation of the BattleTech board game, written in Java. It features network play and runs on Linux/MacOSX/Windows. The level 1 tech and rules from the game are currently functional, and we are busy completing the level 2 rules and technology. Those playing the campaign at have gotten many of these updates incrementally, but for the rest of you there are some neat new features.... read more

Posted by Ben Mazur 2003-01-12

MegaMek v0.26.0 released

The latest version of MegaMek (0.26.0) has been released. MegaMek is an implementation of the BattleTech board game, written in Java. It features network play and runs on Linux/MacOSX/Windows. The level 1 tech and rules from the game are currently functional.

Release 0.26.0 adds:
- quad rules and arm flipping
- support for custom mech graphics
- a new map format
- many bug fixes & feature improvements... read more

Posted by Ben Mazur 2002-06-03

MegaMek v0.25.0 released

MegaMek is an implementation of the BattleTech board game, written in Java. It features network play and runs on Linux/Mac/Windows. The level 1 tech and rules from the game are currently functional.

Release 0.25.0 adds:
- clubs & hatchets
- map selection
- basic server administration & logging
- ability to leave & rejoin a game in progress
- basic team support
- support for two more mech file formats
- many bug fixes & improvements... read more

Posted by Ben Mazur 2002-04-11

MegaMek 0.24.1

Oops, a bug fix release. Fixes a bug where no pilot consciousness rolls would be made. Also adds a pilot name/skill selector and a few more mechs (bonus!)

Posted by Ben Mazur 2002-03-19

MegaMek v0.24.0 available

The latest version (0.24.0) of MegaMek has been released. The MegaMek project aims to be a reasonable simulation of the BattleTech board game on your computer, using Java.

MegaMek features:

  • Network play for 2+ players
  • (Almost) all level 1 rules and 3025 tech
  • Random map generation using boards based off the map packs
  • Mech selection and (some) editor support

The latest release features:
+ Charging
+ Death from above attacks
+ Stability improvements
+ Rules fixes ... read more

Posted by Ben Mazur 2002-03-18

MegaMek v0.23.0 available

MegaMek v0.23.0 has been released. This is a quick release including support for pushing, and most forms of unit displacement. Also, a readme file is included, so if you were having trouble, now there's a place to get some answers.
Development versions from CVS for the next few days may be slightly unplayable, as I have some ideas for major revisions of the board display code and they may take a little while to get working.

Posted by Ben Mazur 2002-03-03

first public release

Okay, still moving in here, but the first public release is available. Download and have fun!

Posted by Ben Mazur 2002-02-20