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new data

The new FDA data of 20030930 has been packaged and released as 0.4e. The upstream data includes a new textfile, imprint.txt, but this is not yet included in the database build mostly because I did not see any documentation of its format.

Posted by Elizabeth Barham 2003-11-01

Version 0.4 of usfda-ndc-drug-info released!

This new version contains a manpage.

One caveat to watch for is that the datafiles themselves have new names.

Posted by Elizabeth Barham 2003-05-12

Alpha Stage Quality

Hi. I consider the code alpha stage quality. Next on the agenda is autoconfiscating both packages and releasing them both as beta.

Posted by Elizabeth Barham 2003-04-20

Bug Tracking Setup

The bug tracking feature of sf was set up just a little while ago. If you come across any errors, please let us know.

Posted by Elizabeth Barham 2003-04-17