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New version: 0.1.4 RC4

This is the RC (Release Candidate) 4.
RC 1, 2 and 3, was private for a few people!
Nueva version del mAkStats (0.1.4 RC4), estaremos a prueba con esta version y cuando se demuestre que no tenga ningun error grave, lo pondremos como 0.1.4 final (ya no es candidato...)
New functions was added, read the Documentation for more info.

Posted by Andres Blanco 2006-02-15

New version: mAkStats-v0.1.3 !!!

A new release is done. A stable version, i think.
Many bugs were fixed... (..many others inclued xD)
Please... download it, run it, and test it!

Posted by Andres Blanco 2005-11-02

Call for develop

I am looking for people interested in develop my software, and work together.
If you are interested, please contact me.

Posted by Andres Blanco 2005-10-24