/ News: Recent posts 0.7 released version 0.7 was just released. This version fixes a serious bug that hogged up all of the disk space for third party applications. It also added some small features, mostly in the UI. There is also some new code to facilitate planned features, such as a database update reminder, and an update checker.

New features this release:

* Connection Check on startup
* Path-independent code (Can be run from anywhere)
* Prettier launch
* Database Version Tracking
* Placed Database in user's library (No more low disk space errors)

Posted by Aaron Griffith 2008-01-10 0.6 released

Version 0.6 of, the first public version, was released. is a native iphone/ipod touch application for browsing the music on This version features music sorting by genre, artist, and album, as well as a very basic "now playing" page.

Plans for the next version include a much more advanced "now playing" page, and there are more things in store for future versions.... read more

Posted by Aaron Griffith 2008-01-05