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#2 chanserv levels

Felix Zielcke

1) you should change the standardt levels of chanserv
because level 10 for halfop and normal op isnt good ;)

2) epona has with the normal number leven system an xop
system where you just msg chanserv aop #chan add nick to
auto op and so on instead for the exact level and it has a
cmd to switch between the 2 modes


  • Preston Elder
    Preston Elder

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  • Preston Elder
    Preston Elder

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    Regarding 1, if you looked at the LEVEL list provided by
    ChanServ, you would notice you can change them around. I
    set them both at the same thing by default, because MOST irc
    daemons do not support HalfOps. Ops will override HalfOps
    anyway, so it effectively disables HalfOps. You could
    either raise the Ops or lower the HalfOps level to
    differentiate them (assuming your IRCD supports HalfOps).
    Not only can you do this for any newly registrered channel
    in the INI file, but each channel can change these levels
    around themselves, to suit their channel.

    Regarding 2, we do not plan on creating these kinds of
    aliases for the ACCESS command in Magick 2.0, however for
    Magick 2.1, we will be releasing these kinds of changes as
    default scripts that will come with the Magick distribution,
    so all you will have to do is load these scripts, and you
    should be set.

    Access levels are MUCH more flexible than aop/sop/etc for
    channels. And I've always preferred them for this reason.
    If you look at the stuff that the access levels allow you to
    do, you will see its MUCH more than some modes on the
    channel, they allow you to individually tweak many different
    things that with a lesser system, would be lumped together
    with one of these kinds of keywords.

    I believe most users also appreciate ACCESS LEVELS more,
    once they understand them for what they are. Which is
    exactly why user.txt is distributed with the Magick
    distribution, and the HTML version of it exists on the
    Magick website (http://www.magick.tm). Education is
    contageous :)

  • Felix Zielcke
    Felix Zielcke

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    1) just wondred but didnt thought at the other ircds =)

    2) ok then i'll wait for magick 2.1 =)

    thx for quit answer =)