The Linux Test Project: FEBRUARY 2009 Release Announcement

The Linux Test Project is a group aimed at testing and improving Linux. The goal of the LTP is to deliver a suite of automated testing tools for Linux as well as publishing the results of tests we run. LTP invites community to contribute in new horizons.

Dear All,

The Linux Test Project test suite has been released for the month of
FEBRUARY 2009. Please see ltp/INSTALL file carefully, as, there has been
multiple changes for building/installing the test suite.

The latest version of the test-suite contains 3000+ tests for the Linux
OS and can be found at:,
Latest happenings in LTP can also be found at:,, and,
IRC: #ltp.

FEBRUARY 2009 Highlights:
* Addition of QUOTA REMOUNT tests,
* Addition of FREEZER CONTROLLER tests,
* Microblaze Support for LTP,
* CPU CONSOLIDATION of Power Management tests,
* Several Coding style Fixes,
* Fixes for numerous other tests,

FEBRUARY 2009 LTP Contributors:
* Matt Helsley,
* Poornima Nayak,
* Jan Kara,
* Kamalesh Babulal,
* "Christopher J. PeBenito",
* Márton Németh,
* Gowrishankar M,
* Seiichi Ikarashi,
* CAI Qian,
* Peter Oberparleiter,
* Acalando,
* Yi Xu,
* Masatake YAMATO,
* Richard Corden,
* Dmitry Guryanov,
* Vivek,
* Xiao Xiao,
* Slava Semushin,
* Sripathi Kodi,
* Marc Kleine-Budde,
* Juergen Beisert,
* Jiri Palecek,
* Higor Aparecido Vieira Alves,
* Sharyathi Nagesh,
* Francesco Rundo,
* Michal Simek,

Note(s) from the Maintainer:
This month saw a good chunk of new tests being added. I am hopeful that this trend will continue for the all coming releases, where we can also see significant portion of Crackerjack tests being ported, from the point we left last year. It is also good to see that people taking up the cause for cleaning up the code for good coding styles. I am hoping that somebody will also take up the cause for improving the documentation for individual test cases as well.

The idea for an LTP Mini Summit has been floated in the LTP mailing list. Depending on the response we will decide whether to organize it or not. However, i feel things in LTP will change once developers/testers/stakeholders meet face to face. But the final decision is left on individual discretion.

Our web site also contains other information such as:
- A Linux test tools matrix
- Technical papers
- How To's on Linux testing
- Code coverage analysis tool.

We would encourage the community to post results to,
patches, new tests, bugs or comments/questions to,
(for New Bug(s)),
(for New Patch(s)),
(for New Feature Request(s))

Please also see the Change Log Attached (FEBRUARY 2009) for detailed

Happy testing,

Posted by Subrata Modak 2009-03-02