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log4cplus 1.2.0-RC1 released

I have released log4cplus 1.2.0-RC1. It is based on new 1.2.x branch. There are many visible and less visible changes relative to the code of 1.1.x branch. Here are some highlights:

  • TraceLogger and associated LOG4CPLUS_TRACE_*() macros now record function name in generated event.

  • Added Qt5 based Qt5DebugAppender.

  • Added prototype of Python bindings using Swig 2.0+.

  • Autotools based build system has been converted from Makefile per directory to single Makefile for the whole project mode.

  • Plain text documentation files have been converted to Markdown (with Pandoc's extensions).

  • FileAppender can now create missing directories in log file path, if this is enabled by CreateDirs property.

  • Added MSTTSAppender that uses Windows' text-to-speech engine.

  • SysLogAppender can now log into remote syslog instance using TCP in addition to previously supported UDP.

  • Added Autotest based testsuite running and verifying output of existing tests/ directory tests. Improved tests coverage.

  • Many other small and bigger improvements.

Posted by Václav Zeman 2014-03-19 Labels: v1.2.0-rc1 rc