log4cplus 1.1.0-RC6 released

I have released log4cplus 1.1.0-RC6. It contains some bug fixes as well
as new features:

- Fixed compilation for build with wchar_t being alias to unsigned
short (/Zc:wchar_t-) (Windows).

- Added new appender CLFSAppender (experimental), based on Microsoft
Common Log File System API.

- Added new appender Qt4DebugAppender (experimenta), based on Qt4's
qDebug(), qWarning() and qCritical() functions.

- Fixed bug #3530769 - compilation issues with Visual Studio 2011.

- Added log4cplus.quietMode property handling to PropertyConfigurator.

- Added #pragma once to all headers.

- Implemented Time::gettimeofday() using Win32 API's

- Moved file based locking from FileAppender to Appender to make it
available for all appenders.

- Changed Windows configuration to use __declspec(thread) when
compiling for Windows Vista or later and TlsAlloc() otherwise.

- Implemented %r PatternLayout format specifier - miliseconds since
process start.

- Fixed bug #3101459 - TTCCLayout time is not in milliseconds since
process start by default.

Posted by Václav Haisman 2012-07-03