#8 Unable to install GPIB drivers


Hello all

I'm quite new to using linux all together, so I would
need some help in installing the drivers for GPIB on
debian linux. I'm runing kernel version 2.6.8-2-686
on a Compaq P4 - 1Ghz machine. I have a NI PCI-GPIB
board installed. I have downloaded all the module
sources and all other gpib related packages and I
have unpacked them. But now I don't know how to
compile or create the kernel modules and how to make
them to start the driver at boot-up. As I said I'm
very new to all of linux stuff so I hope that someone
will be able to help me with this. I need this driver
because I have a program written in C++ and already
compiled on my machine but now there is no GPIB
I would be really grateful for all the help I can get
as this would make a huge step forward in making my
system work.
I thank you in advance for all your answers.
If there is any more infomation that you would need
about my problem do not hesitate to reply to this
post or to contact me by e-mail.

best regards,