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LFC / News: Recent posts

LFC 0.5 is out!

First LFC2 alpha-version if finally out!
(and don't be misled, it has quite a few features for an 'alpha release')

Please read the notes/changelog for more information.

Posted by Leonard Mosescu 2002-06-09

the team keeps growing

Mr. Keith D. Zimmerman has just joined the team. He's interested in working on the GUI module. Welcome to the team Keith.

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2002-02-18

new team member

We've got a new developer, Alexander Zlatanov. Welcome to the team Alexander.

Posted by Razvan Cojocaru 2002-02-17

LFC docs now available for download

LFC docs are also available now in the 'Files' section, at SourceForge, for your downloading pleasure.

Posted by Daniel Secrieru 2002-01-30

Online LFC docs

LFC docs now available online at http://www.lfc2.net/docs.html. Come and check it out!

Posted by Daniel Secrieru 2002-01-26

The team is still growing...

Three more developers had just joined the team. Welcome Mark, Virdee and Keith!

Posted by Daniel Secrieru 2001-12-26

New Team MemberS!

It seems that Santa has brought more developers to LFC, to support it. Thanks Santa, and let's welcome Ying Yin and Srinivas Gannavarapu to the team!

Posted by Daniel Secrieru 2001-12-26

new team member

Eric has just joined the team! Welcome to the team, Eric!

Posted by Daniel Secrieru 2001-12-25

going back in time a little

In case you were wondering where/what LFC1 is, well here it is: http://www.lfc2.net/lfc1.html. Come and check it out!

Posted by Daniel Secrieru 2001-12-24

new team member

Peter is our new team member! Welcome to the team, Peter!

Posted by Daniel Secrieru 2001-12-05

new domain name

As of today, we have a new domain name: lfc2.net!
You can check it out at http://www.lfc2.net/ or http://lfc2.net/

Posted by Daniel Secrieru 2001-11-04

october preAlpha release

Please, go ahead and download this month' snapshot, check it out and let us know what you think of it.

Posted by Daniel Secrieru 2001-10-17

new developer

A new developer joined the team. Welcome Navin!

Posted by Daniel Secrieru 2001-10-02

new website design

We now have a new website design, thanks to Jim. Check it out!

Posted by Daniel Secrieru 2001-09-30

preAlpha release

For those who want to skip the CVS procedures, we've set up a preAlpha release snapshot for download, in the 'Files' section. Please have a look!

Posted by Daniel Secrieru 2001-09-19

website designer

We now have a new team member, Jim Allen, web designer, who is now working on our website design. Let's all give him a warm welcome!

Posted by Daniel Secrieru 2001-09-17

website online!

We have now a functional website. Come visit us at http://lfc.sourceforge.net

Posted by Daniel Secrieru 2001-09-08

better makefiles

As of today we have, thanks to Razvan, cross-platform & compiler makefiles.

Posted by Daniel Secrieru 2001-08-25

Serial communications support

LFC now has support for serial communication devices (serial ports, modems, ...)

The support consist of SerialPort class (lfc.streams.serial) and a serial comm PAL for win32 (Win9x/NT/2000) and posix (tested on Linux and FreeBSD).

Posted by Leonard Mosescu 2001-06-28

LFC2 on FreeBSD

Thanks to Razvan Cojocaru (razvanco@univ-ovidius.ro) LFC now compiles under FreeBSD 4.3!

Posted by Leonard Mosescu 2001-06-19

Smart pointers support

LFC2 now has smart pointers (see <lfc.smartPtr>)

Posted by Leonard Mosescu 2001-06-14