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Bering-uClibc 5.2-beta2 released

The Bering-uClibc made LEAF Bering-uClibc 5.2-beta2 available today.
In addition to the package updates for 5.1.3 and upcoming 5.1.4-rc1, packages for openldap, pmacctd, wget and clamav has been updated.
The kernel has also been updated to 3.14.34, as well as the gcc compiler in the toolchain.
New packages in this release are tinc (another vpn daemon), which requires testing and firmware support for Realtek NIC r8169 has been added (useful for PCEngines APU board).
Last but not least a tarball for the Raspberry Pi board is available again.

Posted by KP Kirchdörfer 2015-03-08

Maintenance release Bering-uClibc 5.1.3 available

Bering-uClibc 5.1.3 is another maintenance release for the Bering-uClibc 5.1 series.
It provides fixes and updates for the Linux kernel, ntp, hdsupp, ntp and net-snmp.

The web interface (webconf) has finally received improvements with a lot of polish, fixes and new pages for vlan, hostapd and wpasupplicant.

Posted by KP Kirchdörfer 2015-02-15

Bering-uClibc 5.2-beta1 released

Bering-uClibc 5.2-beta1 is the first step to the next major version, providing significant updates for LEAF Bering-uClibc.
It is based on longterm kernel 3.14, current kernel version is 3.14.31, and the most important Package updates are for perl (5.20.1), dhcpcd with ipv6 support, tor (new stable version and shorewall (

LEAF Bering-uClibc also supports now booting from an ext2/ext3/ext4 formatted device. The hdsupp Package has been updated to format the boot device with ext2/ext3/ext4. ... read more

Posted by KP Kirchdörfer 2015-02-11

Beta1 for Bering-uClibc 5.1.3 released

The first beta version of Bering-uClibc-5.1.3 provides a kernel update to 3.10.63, add the hid-generic module to moddb (loaded by default) to support usb keyboards out of the box and fixes syslinux menu entries for the iso images.
As usual packages has been updated to new upstream versions with important security fixes (e.g. openvpn, ntpd, wget...).
New packages are valgrind (useful for developers) and monit, a small utility for managing and monitoring Unix systems.

Posted by KP Kirchdörfer 2014-12-29

Maintenance release Bering-uClibc 5.1.2 available

Bering-uClibc 5.1.2 has been released. This is the second maintenance release for Bering-uClibc 5.1.
It provides an updated kernel version (3.10.61), various updated Packages and security fixes, most notable fixes for bash (known as shellshock). A few minor bugs and annoyances has been fixed as well.
Three new Packages has been added (zabbix-agent, iw and lshw).
For more information see the complete changelog:
http://bering-uclibc.zetam.org/wiki/Bering-uClibc_5.1.x_-_Changelog... read more

Posted by KP Kirchdörfer 2014-11-29

Bering-uClibc 5.0.5 released

Bering-uClibc 5.0.5 has been released on 4 August 2014.
It is a maintenance release for the 5.0 series and provides a kernel update to 3.4.101.
The previous release candidate adds important security fixes for openssl and lzo.

This will be most probably the last version in the 5.0 series, as 5.1 has matured and will be released RSN.

Posted by KP Kirchdörfer 2014-08-05

Bering-uClibc 5.1-rc1 released

Bering-uClibc-5.1-rc1 provides the new packages pciutils, wakelan, a "tiny" version of vim,
procps and linux-eoip (EoIP tunnel).

The kernel has been updated to 3.10.49 and numerous package were updated to latest
upstream versions.

For busybox the base64 and vi applets has been added, lspci has been removed as there is now
a full-featured pciutils package available.

While we expect a final version soon, this is the time to give 5.1 a test and report eventual bugs back to the developers.

Posted by KP Kirchdörfer 2014-07-24

Bering-uClibc 5.0.5-rc1

LEAF Bering-uClibc 5.0.5-rc1 has been released on July 12 2014.

It is a maintenance update for the 5.0 series providing a kernel update to 3.4.97, important security fixes for openssl and lzo, minor bugfixes and a package update for bird.

Posted by KP Kirchdörfer 2014-07-12

Bering-uClibc 5.0.1-beta1

Bering-uClibc-5.0.1-beta1 provides major package updates, kernel update to 3.4.53, a few fixes, minor improvements for the toolchain and two packages to support Wireless Internet Connections (usbmodeswitch[data]).

A probably more important change of the packages will be the move from libnl to libnl3. Packages affected are hostapd, ipvsadm, keepalived and kismet.

To improve support for Wireless Internet Connections usbmodeswitch and usbmodeswichdata has been added (usb-ms.lrp and usb-ms-data.lrp) - notes how to use can be found in the new chapter "Setting Up a Wireless Internet Connection" in the wiki chapter of "Bering-uClibc 5.x User Guide".

Posted by KP Kirchdörfer 2013-07-21

Bering-uClibc 5.0 released

Bering-uClibc 5.x is basically Bering-uClibc 4.x brought up to date with the latest versions of the main software components and with reworked toolchain. In particular:

Toolchain is reworked to support 'true' cross-compilation
gcc has been updated to 4.6.3.
The Linux kernel has been upgraded from 2.6.35 to 3.4.x (current 4.0 version uses longterm 2.6.35 kernel branch).
The uClibc library is upgraded from 0.9.30 to 0.9.32. ... [read more](/p/leaf/blog/2013/06/bering-uclibc-50-released/)
Posted by Mike Noyes 2013-06-15 Labels: Bering-uClibc cross-compile accel-ppp

LEAF Bering-uClibc 5-0-rc1 released

Today the Bering-uClibc team released the first (and most pobably last) release candidate of Bering-uClibc 5.0.

It provides a kernel update to 3.4.45, updated packages and some bugfixes. The most important fix is for multicron-d updatetime(), that re-enable setting the time from (bb)ntp.

Posted by KP Kirchdörfer 2013-05-27

LEAF Bering-uClibc 5-0-beta2 is available for testing

Posted by: kapeka on 2013-04-27 18:30+0000
The second beta version of LEAF Bering-uClibc is available for testing.
It provides an updated Linux kernel and more than a dozen updated packages.

There has been no major changes regarding the core/infrastructure, so updates from the previous beta version should be seamless, as long as you take care of configdb.lrp.

For bug reports, requests, etc. please use TRAC:
http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/leaf/... read more

Posted by Mike Noyes 2013-04-27 Labels: Bering-uClibc beta

LEAF for raspberry pi

KP Kirchdoerfer writes:
Hi all;

with the help of David and based on the work of buildtool.org developers
and many others, I was able to create a toolchain that produces a kernel
and lrp's able to boot on a raspberry pi, to login, to get local net
access and to ssh into the remote box.

While it will be a long way to create images for the raspberry pi, it
clearly shows that our toolchain is able to successfully cross-compile -
something I've expected, but it's always good to see it really works.... read more

Posted by Mike Noyes 2013-03-31 Labels: bering-uclibc toolchain raspberry-pi

LEAF Bering-uClibc 5.0 beta1 released

Bering-uClibc 5.0 is basically Bering-uClibc 4.x brought up to date with the latest versions of the main software components. But the most important changes are:

  • The Linux kernel is upgraded from 2.6.x to a recent long-term release (3.4.34)
  • The uClibc library is upgraded from 0.9.30 to 0.9.32.
  • The toolchain (formerly known as buildenv) has been reworked to support more processors. Currently only images for X86_64 images are provided, but as a proof-of-concept an arm-versatile based version can be build as well.
  • Usage of the toolchain has been alleviated in various aspects.

... read more

Posted by Mike Noyes 2013-03-16 Labels: Bering-uClibc