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Kernel Memory Editor 2.0.1 Released

We are pleased to announce that KME, the Kernel Memory Editor, is released at version 2.0.1 today. Christoph Hellwig handled the mechanics of the release. From NEWS:

NEWS - list of user-visible changes between releases of kme

New in 2.0.1 - 2002-05-10:
* Allow autogenerating RPM packages.
* Display data addresses more sensibly on narrow screens.
* Ported to Cygwin and Linux/IA64 support.
* Support for Linux /proc/ksyms, Solaris /dev/kmem and UnixWare getksym().
* New display option <f> for floating point variables.
* Improved network access code, made /etc/services unnecessary.
* POSIX termios support.
* New extension for displaying value/mask pairs.
* Add support for 'long long' types.
* Add support for 64-bit hosts.
* Fixes for FreeBSD and HP-UX.
* Misc. code cleanup.

Posted by Robert Lipe 2002-05-10