#36 Some things I noticed


These are some things that I noticed when using the program for the first time:

o underscores in variable names or labels do not seem to be supported at the moment, is this intentional?

o better to show help window in non-modal mode, so that it can be hidden (put into background),
while still remaining open - alternatively, display help in a separate tab within the main
window? Maybe the two output windows (text & graphics) could be put into an "output" tab, with
"help" being another tab, that would allow users to browse the help while also looking at their program

o allow users to select language for integrated help faclity

o provide a combo box to directly jump to anchors for individual commands, or alternatively simply add an index to the reference?

o triggering a search in the integrated help window by pressing ENTER does not yet work, one has to use the mouse

o pressing F1 next to a valid keyword/command in the editor area should ideally go directly to the correct anchor in the integrated help file

o an integrated help for recognized keywords might be useful, which just displays expected parameters, order and purpose for a command, like context-sensitive help (status bar, tooltips)

o mention the availability of the basicbook.org book within the program (about box, or better an extra entry in the help menu!)

o add 0,0 origin and window width/height to the border of the graphics area, so that it is easy to see where the local coordinate system starts and ends

o when running a program, it would probably make sense to cls/clg automatically each time?

o I think this also applies when loading a new file

o labels and code cannot reside in the same line at the moment, is this intentional or a known restriction?
i.e. code like start: print "hello" does not work

o syntax highlighting for labels and variables could benefit from being made different and thus more obvious,
it might even be an idea to use different colors for different command classes (control flow, maths, graphics)
also differentiating between string and numeric variables by using different colors could also help

o an option to set breakpoints in the source code would be useful


  • Jim Reneau
    Jim Reneau

    Several of your recommendations will just updated to the SVN in the next few days.

    Labels on the same line as code.
    Underscores in variable names
    Help has been moved from a PDF/HTML file to a new WIKI and the help dialog shows that wiki - check out the new index, search, and language features
    We will continue looking into the other items.