MS Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 / Ubuntu

  • Emre Erenoglu
    Emre Erenoglu

    Hi, I'm trying to use my Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 v1.0 on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04. I downloaded the latest 3.2 beta for keytouch and 2.4 for the editor and built them according to the instructions. Everything went smooth, things got installed in /usr/local.

    Then I've ran keytouch-editor and built a new keyboard file for my USB connected Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 v1.0 keyboard. This was also smooth. I also assigned a keycode for all of the extra keys. For example, for zoom slider, I assigned "BRIGHTNESSUP" and "BRIGHTNESSDOWN".

    Problem 1:
    Rebooting the system and checking that all is running, I can't get the XF86 keycodes printed on the system with xev and keylaunchd does not launch anything that I've defined in the file. The xev command doesn't even recognize the Zoom slider, even though keytouch-editor recognized it and assigned a code.

    Problem 2:
    Some keys, such as the 5 custom application keys in top center of the keyboard, sends out the same USB Scancode. I don't know what to do with them. Keycodes in xev are different though.

    Is there a bug or am I missing something here?

    Thanks a lot for any comments.


    • Answer to problem 1:
      xev doesn't get key events from the keys that you configured, because keytouchd catches these events (it has to because otherwise, it can launch programs when you're pressing these keys).

      Answer to problem 2:
      Could you tell me what the output of the evtest (included with the dvb-utils package) program is when you press these keys?

      - Marvin Raaijmakers