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Merge options

  • jeff ruetten
    jeff ruetten

    Can you clarify what exactly happens when you choose each option.

    Create New UUIDs - besides creating a new UUID, why would I want to do this?
    Keep Existing - locally or on digital bucket? I am assuming locally, why would I want to synch but choose to keep the local version?
    Overwrite - locally or on digital bucket?
    Overwrite if newer - which gets overwritten when which file is newer?
    Synchronize - I would think this would look to see which file is newer and copy the newer one over the older one or update one file with the changes from the other. Somehow, I don't think that is what happens.

    If you could clarify for us, that would be great.

    • Woody

      I just installed KeepassSync and I have the same questions. I can't find any documentation for the Merge Options. Can somebody clarify how they work?

  • Woody

    Ditto here. This is critical information because it seems to me that if you
    choose the wrong option, you could have a catastrophic mess with loss or
    corruption of some of your passwords. Is there anybody on the forum who can
    explain how the different sync options work??

  • totya7

    This is very important question, please answer... developers?

  • Mitch Capper
    Mitch Capper

    Hi There, sorry for the confusion on this, these options are actually not part
    of keepasssync but rather part of keepass (which is what provides the actual
    sync functionality between multiple keepass files. It is actually calling the
    core MergeIn function but in looking at the code it seems it always does
    "Sync" so it actually doesn't matter what you choose. I will try and fix this
    bug for the next release (so the options actually matter) along with better
    document it.

  • totya7

    Thanks for answer!

    Simple "overwrite" (copy/backup) function is need for me.
    With "synhronize" function, all history is remain, and need double bandwidth,
    because need download backup first, but digitalbucket.net monthly bandwidth
    only 200MB.