#1665 CSV Export Options

IT Greybeard

'Twould be marvelous to have a .csv export option for dumping out ALL info on an entry, including various dates. Why? It can be useful to run the files through a tool such as Excel, sorting by title and last modification date (descending), and then filtering out any but the first (latest) entry. CSV are much easier to work with than XML databases, when some eyeballing and manual fixes are required.

In my case, 'synchronize' has copied all entries between 2 databases, and the 'last modified' data is unsortable in the list. That contributes to more errors in doing the manual deletes of the older of a title pair (for this old soul, anyway).

It appears as though this kind of request has been made in the past but those tickets are closed and therefore of no value to a current requestor -- unless it is to be assumed that such a request will always be rejected.

Thanks for the consideration.


  • Paul

    All you need to do is export as HTML. CSV is too limited.
    HTML export is actually XML with a style sheet from the XSL directory of KeePass.

    To view by last mod date in KeePass you can add this column to the view and sort.

    cheers, Paul